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Writing Articles

Writers and Writing

Published:  Fresh Ink 2009


I do not want to die…until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown.                    

                                                                                          —Kathe Kollwitz


     I believe that true writers have to write.  Over the years, through our critique group, I have read some really good writing.  It has always surprised me when I would find out later that some of those authors were no longer practicing their craft. 

     The conversation would go like this:

     “How is your writing going?” 

     “Oh, I’m not writing anymore.”

     “Really?  I’m sorry to hear that.  You’re a very good writer.”

     “Well, I marketed my book for a few months, but no one was interested, so I finally just stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it.”

     “And you haven’t written anything else?”

     “No.  If I can’t get published, what’s the point?”

     Now, I ask you, how sad is that? 

     What’s the point?  Well, if it is publishing everything you write and getting rich, it’s probably wise to give it up.

     If the point is enjoying the creative satisfaction of having words flow from your mind and heart through your fingers onto the page, then you will never want to stop writing.

     That satisfaction comes from a place inside of every writer that is very personal, very private.  Although it can be shared with others later, the moment of creation belongs only to the writer.  It is a wonderful gift that writers should treasure.  I believe it is why most writers write.

     Once your words are on the page, there are many ways to see them published.  Enter contests.  Market articles and books.  Build a website.  Create a blog. 

     In the process, published or unpublished, you will do what true writers do—you will faithfully make the most of your talent and cultivate the creative seed that was placed in you until the last small twig has grown.





















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