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Writing Articles

Building a Website: One Click at a Time


For many writers, creating a website to showcase and sell their writing wares is a relatively alien concept, at least it was for me.  What does come naturally to me is sharing whatever I have learned about today’s publishing world with other writers.  In my weekly critique group, we do just that, in addition to critiquing one another.


On occasion, writers not able to join our group ask me questions about marketing their work or finding an agent.  I do the best I can to help, but it is not possible to give in-depth advice in a short period of time.  I realized that if I could say—"Go to my website and read my article, Guidelines for the First-Time Author," it would solve the problem.  That seed of an idea grew into a new writing goal: to create and build a website that would help others and also become a marketing tool. 


There was only one problem.  I had no idea how to go about it.  I leafed through one book that was specifically for idiots who wanted to build websites and didn’t understand a word.  I then turned to the Internet to research the subject with more success.


If you type in the words, “Web Hosts Build Your Own Website,” you will find a myriad of hosts out there.  I also asked other writers, who have built their own website, for recommendations.  


There are many layouts and colors available.  I wanted mine to be informal and user-friendly.  You may prefer yours to appear more business-like.  If you have published a book, you will want to link your site to Amazon.    


There is a misconception that creating and maintaining a website is very expensive.  My Internet search quickly dispelled that notion.  I was surprised to find a number of free websites (if you don’t object to ads appearing on your page) and inexpensive monthly fees for others.  I finally chose a company and plan that cost me the grand set-up total of $23.95 and $8.95 a month.  My domain name ( was available.


Once I understood that a website was affordable, I had to convince myself that I was capable of building one.  I am only marginally computer literate.  A friend, who is more knowledgeable, offered to walk me through it.


I told her that I wanted something clean and simple.  I wanted pastel colors for a background and a picture that made me look “accessible” so that visitors would feel comfortable emailing me.  Another writer friend, with a digital camera, took my picture.  I wanted the website to include sixteen published articles, synopses and first chapters of novel manuscripts, and I wanted visitors to be able to find them easily. 


This is how simple it was: 

  • I researched companies on the Internet.
  • I chose the Web Host and plan that met my needs and signed up.
  • My writing friend and I went into “build a site” on my account and followed the directions to create a Home page.  When we had a question, we went into Help.
  • On the Home page, we added my picture and a short message.  On one side, we chose headings such as Writing Articles, Animal Stories, Inspirational Stories, Novels, etc.

I then input content and, within a relatively short time, my website was up and running.   I felt very proud when I was able to go into the site and make changes.  I entered my domain name and password.  Clicked on edit.  Clicked on the appropriate box in the site.  Made the change.  Clicked on Done, then Publish to Website and logged out.  When I went back into my published website, there were the changes.  I had become a Webmaster, one click at a time.


Learning how to build a personal website is no different than learning any skill.  It takes perseverance and commitment, but if you work through it step by step, you will be successful. 


By brainstorming with my writing friends, I joined the world of the web, with little sweat, no tears and small financial investment. 


If you build a website that suits your own needs (and please forgive me for this), they will come!